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Cards & Gift Cards LLC is a Greeting Card and Gift Card full service provider for the US located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Here you can buy and send a Greeting Card for most occasions (Birthday, Thank You, Get Well, Holidays, etc..) with a Gift Card anywhere in the US! 

Our focal point is the lasting impression our customer's have (the WOW factor) when they receive our products.  Each greeting card is custom fit with a high quality handmade envelope and wax sealed with a unique message for each occasion. We care so much about that lasting impression and we want to make every cent count toward that elegant classy feel.

In addition our mission is to provide our customers with the very latest and best greeting cards we could find (we're always on the hunt!).  And more importantly to save you a trip to the Greeting Card store, the Gift Card store, and the whole mailing process...  Who has time for that?  :)  We print, package, stamp and mail it for you.

We're also aware this is a digital age, but we firmly believe in the magic that comes with receiving a physical Greeting Card in our custom packaging; not one that could be lost in cyber space or stored in a junk folder somewhere.

Most of all, we'd love to hear your feedback.  If you're looking for a particular Greeting Card or Gift Card, have questions, or know of ways we can improve then please reach out to us.  We want to be the best!